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There are many places you can look to find a color scheme for a room. Unique and original color schemes are all around you.

You can start a color scheme from a pattern that you like. Look to drapery or upholstery fabric. Maybe check out a wallpaper sample or look to a piece of pottery or dinnerware. There are always patterns out in the stores that are usually an old motif used in a new and different way.

Another great place to look for a color scheme is in a picture. If you have a picture in your room, look to see what colors are used in the picture. While looking at the picture, take notice of the proportions used of the colors. If the main color is blue and is used for 80% of the picture, see what the next largest use of color is and so on. You can get as many as four colors out of a picture to use as your color scheme.

You can go with a monochromatic scheme by picking your favorite color and going darker and lighter to create interest and contrast in the room.

Flooring is another place where you can get inspiration for a color scheme. Maybe the carpet has a pattern in it, or look at the streaks of color in linoleum or in your tile. Many of the floorings we all have in our homes aren’t just a single color, which makes it interesting to your eye.

Now that you have found a color scheme, how do you apply it? Well, you use the main color as your background. You can use it for floors, walls or ceilings. The second-largest color area you will want to use on larger upholstered items, the bedspread or the dining room table, for example. The last color will be your accent color to spread throughout the space as an accent.

These tips should help you in understanding how to come up with a pleasing color scheme in your home flawlessly!

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