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When you work with an interior designer, that has many things at their fingertips about your project to make it a success. Even though many of the ideas are still in their head when they work on your project, they have many things in their design file to make sure your project is a success.

Floor plan. Every designer worth their weight in salt has a floor plan of your space drawn to scale. Within this floor plan, they have notes of all the dimensions of your furniture, the locations of your fireplace, outlets, windows. The sizes of your windows, doors are and their locations. Your floor plan has to have every detail noted to make it worth its weight in gold.

Paint. You must have the swatches of the paint you are using in your room. You wouldn’t believe the tricks your mind can play with you if you find a fantastic piece you swear matches and when you bring it home, it is off just a bit, but none the less, a wrong.

Fabrics. Get samples of the fabric from your furniture and drapery. You will want it at hand when you go out shopping.

Photo Inspirations. Clip magazine pictures, print pictures from the internet and wherever else you find inspiration. You will want to have all your design inspirations at hand in case you come across that special item and want to see if it will go with your room.

Tape Measure. This is your most valuable tool. You need to know the dimensions of everything. You can’t just guesstimate. When you assume you make... well we all know the saying and it is true. Know your space and if the new items will fit.

These items will create an invaluable design file for every room you work on and help you avoid making mistakes.

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