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Add a POP of color- A classic color scheme for Thanksgiving tables are neutral tones, however, that does not need to be your approach. Color can make a table pop feel carefree. Be creative!

Pumpkins - Put those pumpkins you still have from Halloween to use. Paint your pumpkins all one color or different colors to make an autumnal centerpiece.

Fresh fruit bowl- Thanksgiving meals can get so dense. Add fresh fruit to your centerpiece for decoration and for guests to eat.

Add greenery - Spruce up your plain table runner with greenery. This is a cheap and easily accessible option for your table. The greenery is perfect for the season.

Multiple small centerpieces- Instead of having one large centerpiece you, use multiple small vases with fewer flowers to elongate the table. 

Bold napkin rings - This could be a fun way to add little Turkeys to your table. Find some turkey-themed napkin rings or other objects to add to your placement settings. The napkin rings could be a bold color, texture, or even shapes. If you are concerned about price, find some creative ribbon and make some fancy bows. 

Candle centerpiece - Use a large candle as a statement piece or line your table with small tiny candles. I think this is an amazing way to add smells and create mood lighting. 

Gold everything-  Use a gold theme for your table. It will elevate your table to fine-dining status.

Statement placemats- Who said a placemat needed to be boring? You can this could be a great opportunity to add color or texture to your dining table.

Flowers- This might seem like an obvious choice, but some people forget what flowers can add to a table.

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