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All About the Bookshelves

· Have adjustable shelves, makes for visual interest and functionality.

· Consider having a cabinet on the bottom of a bookshelf for storage of ugly items.

· Make sure to anchor your bookshelves, whether you live in a quake zone or not!

· Bookshelves that touch the ceiling raise the height of the ceiling visually.

· Leave some shelves empty.

· Instead of using proper bookends use a bowl, a figurine, or a clock.

· Display vases that are similar colors all together on one shelf.

· Vary the height of items in the shelves to add visual interest.

· Group your books by subject. Makes it easier to find them, and then group by color or size.

· Spread some pictures or snapshots throughout the shelves.

· Turn books on their sides and show the pages if the binding is unappealing

· Leave space on each shelf. Don’t put every book you own on all the shelves.

· Hang pictures on front vertical supports of bookshelves.

· Paint the back of the shelves or paper them.

· Donate or hide the paperbacks.

· Heavy items on the bottom go lighter as you go higher up the shelf.

· Move books flush with front of the shelf edge.

· Fold a quilt and put it on the lower shelf of a bookshelf to give cozy feeling.

· Add a decorative basket for storage and design interest.

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