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Are you interested in turning your home into an Airbnb? This service gives people the opportunity to live in your home and share in its beauty. Some of my clients are AirBnB owners so I wanted to share this article with you. Airbnb gives us 10 tips for attracting more guests.

  1. Show your guests how they would live in your home - What does it look like for your guests to spend time at your place? It can be nice to place some water bottles or fresh fruit for your guests. Maybe put out one of your favorite books or magazines to entertain them during their stay.

  2. Show personality, not personal items - How does your home stand out from other listings? This is a great time to show off your creative side. Capture your favorite reading corner or photo wall.

  3. Paint your front door an unexpected color - This will make your home stand out from all the rest on the block and make it easy for clients to find!

  4. Learn from hotel bathrooms but improve - Make sure your bathroom is crisp and clean. We do not want excess materials sitting on the counter. Have other necessary materials places in bins and cabinets.

  5. Add a large mirror - Mirrors make a room look more spacious. A large mirror to any bedroom or living space to add depth.

  6. Toss in one quirky item - This could make a customer stop while scrolling through photos. It gives more personality to your home.

  7. Make room for a bedroom sitting area - This will make your master bedroom seem more spacious. It can be a chaise lounge or even a desk and chair.

  8. Adorn with flowers- Everyone loves flowers and it brings life into your space.

  9. Dim the lights - Create some ambiance in your space to make it inviting.

  10. Don’t forget the outside - Add chairs outside and lights for a comfortable seating area. Do not overlook the beauty an outdoor space can add to a house.

Here is the link to the original article. Please reach out if you are seeking help for decorating your Airbnb I would be happy to work together.

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